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A new technology being used in the sign industry is LED lighting. Although there are aspects and qualities of neon that can never be replaced or reproduced by LED, there are compelling reasons to replacing many traditional sign applications with LED lighting.

  • Cost and Reliability

As LED technology has matured the costs have come down to a favorable comparison to neon.  The longevity,  light output and reliability of LEDs has resulted in many major chain stores replacing their  traditionally lit neon signs with LEDs.  Most LEDs are powered by low voltage 12 volt power supplies requiring only a fraction of the power required for neon. Substantial  savings in monthly electricity useage bring further cost savings.

  • Safety

Neon requires very high voltage transformers - typically 9,000 to 15,000 volts.  Because of the high voltage, fire becomes a very real danger requiring specially insulated conductors and fittings and strict methods for wiring and installation.




Channel Letter with LEDs

Channel Letters lit with LEDs